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A2 fireproof metal composite panel is a new type of nonflammable product. It is generally covered on both sides with PVDF coated aluminum sheet or stainless steel and copper sheet, and embedded in between with natural inorganic materials. The metal sheet and core are perfectly bound by a special macromolecule binder, which is heated and melted in production. This advanced process technology improves the panel’s mechanical features as toughness, impact resistance, and crushing resistance, which therefore ensures the quality appearance, superior performance and simple operability.







uality control of A2 fireproof metal composite panel

1, No dents, imprinting, no cratering or bumps, no skips, no ripples, no bubbling, no scratches or no abrasions.

2, Dimensional deviation coating performance and mechanical performance should meet GB/T17748-2015-<Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panel for Façade Wall> standard.

3, Combustion properties should meet GB8624-2012 standard A (A2-s1, d0, t0).

4, Radioactive substance amount in core should meet GB6566 standard, and water absorption in 72 hours should under 3%.


< Classification of combustion properties of building materials and products> GB8624-2015 standard is a primary standard for combustion properties of building materials. It indicates 4 grades as follow:

1, Grade A(A1 and A2):Non-flammable materialmaterials that never catches fire. (A1no flame or smoke.  A2no flame and little smoke.

2, Grade B1: Flame-retardant material: materials that cannot flame easily. It should be hard to catch fire when set on fire or under high temperature in air and the flame does not spread if any. It should stop flaming when combustion source removed. Smoke would be possible.

3, Grade B2: flammable material: materials that are slightly fire resistant. It catches fire when set on fire or under high temperature in air and the flame spreads with a lot of toxic smoke.

4, Grade B3: inflammable material: materials that are not fire resistant and catches fire easily. It is very dangerous in fire and give out massive toxic smoke.


According to GB50016-2014 <Regulation on Building Fireproof Design>, issued on 2015 May 1, façade walls that under 50 meters should use materials of Grade B1 or above. Façade walls that above 50 meters should use materials of Grade A. German standard stipulates that façade walls that under 22 meters should use B1 fireproof ACP, and façade walls that above 22 meters should use Grade A fireproof ACP. A2 fireproof composite panel does not fall in the category of ACP, because the core is not plastic product.


A2 inflammable metal composite panel does not fall in the category of ACP because the core is not plastic product.


1, Non-flammable: according to GB8624-2006, the combustion properties reach Grade A2, S1, d0, t0 and the core is made of non-flammable inorganic materials. It does not catch fire and can prevent the flame to spread.

2, Environment friendly: it is toxic free, halogen free, inflammable, soundproof and heatproof, which meet national standard on Eco-friendly materials.

3, Weather resistant and anti-fouling: HYLR5000-or-KYAR500-based PVDF coated, it is corrosion resistant, anti-fouling and weather resistant, and maintains its color and gloss in hot and cold weather.

4, Superior heat oxidation properties of the core material enable it last long in both hot and cold weather. And it is highly moist resistant.

5, It can be easily hyperbolically modeled due to its light weight and high bending strength. Its mechanical properties meet top quality standard of GB/T1774802008(ACP).

6, It is as perfectly constructible as ACP and can meet special requirements of designers.




D Grooved panle



E Production  line


F Size specifications :


Color: All kinds of PE/PVDF/FEVE/NANO  Ral   Panton



Aluminium thinckness:0.2mm-0.7mm

A2 Core:



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