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  APCP (aluminium-plastic composite panel) is a composite material that uses the coating aluminum plate undergoing chemical treatment as surface material and applies vinyon as core material and that is processed by special aluminium-plastic panel production device. The unique performance of APCP leads to its wide scope of application. The product, as a new building decoration material, can be applied to outer wall of buildings, curtain wallboard, old building transformation, internal wall, ceiling decoration, advertising signboard, display rack, and dust-alleviation engineering. 

The PVDF aluminium-plastic panel,resistant to acid, alkaline and ultraviolet light, is colorfast for over 15 years. It is also highly resistant to dirt and is easy to clean and maintain. The product is mainly applicable to exterior wall decoration and exhibits excellent weather fastness. The PE polyester aluminium-plastic panel is characterized by strong paint film, high luster, good adhesion, and resistance to water, abrasion, and corrosion and is mainly applicable to interior decoration.
The art board aluminium-plastic panel exhibits bright and beautiful color, complex workmanship, graceful outline, and wonderful appearance. The product, serving as both decoration and artwork, diversifies interior decoration and gives prominence to the house owner’s luxury and generosity. The emulation board series, showing a great variety of figures and colors, is similar to natural texture and seems to carry users to a wonderful nature once again.
The advertising boards are characterized by small size and light weight and can be sprayed with paint. It is mainly applied to the production of large outdoor advertising boards.    



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