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 The product adopts high and new technology. It is a latest advanced roofing material that applies highly corrosion resistant Al-Zn alloy coated steel sheet as base plate, highly weatherproof acrylic resin as adhesive, and natural color sand as surface course. Owing to its attractiveness, light weight, great durability, and environmental protection, it has become a mainstream roofing material of the international market, and it is also being applied to high-end buildings in China.



Property of color tile  
Shock resistance-When there is earthquake, the metal tiles will not fall off like commonly used tiles, so that injuries will be reduced.
Light weight- reduce the material weight for buildings;
Easy construction-Light weight, large area, and simple accessories lead to less working intensity and shorter construction period.
Less expense- When carrying out construction on the roof of old buildings, it is unnecessary to remove materials on the roof. Direct construction can be carried out to maximize the cost on waste disposal.
It can be applied to timber roof truss, roof in steel framework and all steel wire frame and concrete roof. As it is easy to bend and cut, it is applicable to various buildings. Safe construction can be conducted for roof whose gradient is from 12 to 90 degrees. The product is especially fit for the project of “flat slope change and roof renovation”. Meanwhile, it can replace the original clay tile, cement tile, color plate, fiberglass asphalt shingle, slating, etc. Direct construction can be carried out without having to remove the previous roof. Because the metallic roof tile sheet is large in surface area, light in weight, and can be bent and cut, color tiles can be interconnected to fixed firmly by means of unique fastening and structure and horizontal fixation. Such drying-based construction is easy and speedy and saves materials.




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