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Present location:Group profile / Culture

Company vision: leading company in metal decoration building industry
Company mission: beautification of building with scientific and technological innovation
Company value concept: integrity, dedication, unity, cooperation, truth seeking, innovation, gratitude, sharing
Interpretation of company culture
Integrity, dedication:
Honesty, integrity, frankness, perseverance in faith, integrity coming first
With assiduous work mindset, down-to-earth, going after perfection.
Love our career and dedicate to our painting course.
Unity and cooperation:
Active mingling to the team, being glad to take in help from colleagues, coopering with team to attain work
Active announcement of constructive opinions and fully participating in teamwork discussions before decision-making; supporting the decisions both in words and actions despite disputes.
Activelyand initiatively sharing business knowledge and experience; offering necessary help to colleagues; good at utilizing team power to work out issues and difficulties.
Cooperation leads to mutual win and cohesion of strength. Collaborate with suppliers, clients and peers and with both colleagues, superiors and subordinates.
Truth seeking and innovative:
We should start from the practice, seek for practical effects and do practical needs when thinking over things, doing things and doing our job. We avoid formalism or formality.
We are blazing new trails, making innovations, carrying out work in a creative way and trying to crave a new pattern in product research and development, management mindset and profit-making model.
Gratitude and sharing:
‘Gratitude’ is to extend thanks to all things and people that give us help;
Willing to demonstrate gratitude and appreciation, we are repaying others with gratitude.
‘Gratitude’ is the foundation of resepct. Respect others, society, nature and knowledge and seek for significance of life in mutual respect between ourselves and others and the society and in harmonious co-existence with nature.
Sharing: taking delight in sharing personal gaining and growth, sharing achievements and fruits of work with teams and sharing success and development with cooperative partners.