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Job Responsibilities:
1. Be in charge of the daily operation of production machines, product supervision and quality control;  
2. Be in charge of clearing the fault of all the machines and of daily cleaning;
3. Other temporary work; 
1. 12 hour-based double-shift work; we offer a daily meal allowance of 10 Yuan (other than salary);
2. Remuneration: piece wage: 2,500 Yuan/month during probation period; 3,500-5,000 Yuan/month after the probation period; The salary shall be timely paid on the 26th day of each month.
3. We offer free accommodation. The dormitory is equipped with air-conditioner, wardrobe, desks and chairs. Employees can directly arrive at the dormitory by taking No.27 bus. We also have regular bus at the main trunk roads in Linyi.
4. A 1000-Yuan cash gift will be offered to employees for their wedding and when they have a baby and when their child will go to college. We also reimburse for the round-trip ticket of employees of foreign cities when going home for the Spring Festival. Our employees are also entitled to the perfect attendance bonus, length of service award, facility trip, annual leave and many other favorable treatments.
5. Our company offers competitive salary in the manufacturing industry and long-term promotion and development platform. As an export-oriented enterprise, our company has seen rapid growth, and our new factory to be constructed in later stage will provide numerous opportunities for personal development. 
Junior high school degree or above; age: 20-35; experienced or inexperienced;
We especially welcome this year's graduates who intend to work for manufacturing enterprise.

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