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  •   As employees are the most valuable wealth of our company, we would like to attract outstanding and potentially great talents and to offer all the necessary conditions to give play to the talent of our employees. We would like to see all our employees will have a bright future. He who joins Jinhu is a Jinhu staff who will carry forward the essence of our corporate culture.
  • Employment concept: virtue first, suitable post, conscientiousness, teamwork;
    Employment policy: keep workforce through career, environment, remuneration and affection;


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  • Virtue first: Our employment is based on the principle of “virtue first, ability second”. “He who has good virtue but without ability can be employed for the sake of his virtue. He who has both virtue and ability shall be designated to important post. He who has ability but without virtue cannot be employed.”


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  • Suitable post: Each post has its corresponding professional qualification. Appointing suitable person to a suitable post will contribute to a talent whose role will be given full play.


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  • Conscientiousness: Our employees need to have a strong sense of responsibility for work. Behave: good faith; work: carefulness, dedication, innovation and pursuit of excellence;


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  • Teamwork:A small drop of water will become a magnificent scene when it joins the sea. The accumulation of countless grains of earth will become a high mountain. The strength of an individual is limited. But when serving an outstanding team, he or she will march toward success with the growth of the team.