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Job Responsibilities:
1. Be in charge of the routine product inspection and make status mark on the inspected products;   
2. Perform the duty as an inspector and fill out corresponding inspection record and statement; 
3. Follow up the process of handling for issues occurred during inspection;  
4. Collect the inspection data and prepare them into statistics on a monthly basis;  
5. Other work related to quality inspection.  
1. 12 hour-based double-shift work; we offer a two-day paid leave every month;
2. Our company offers monthly meal allowance, free accommodation, perfect attendance bonus, length of service award, facility trip and many other favorable treatments.
3. Monthly pay: 3,500-4,500 Yuan; after the probation period, the inspector shall be assigned work load and offered salary as per his or her ability in working independently.
1. Male is preferred; age: 23-35; junior college degree or above; This year's graduates are also acceptable (this year's graduates that intend to seek personal development in factories);
2. Have work experience in quality inspection for one to two years; capable of proficiently grasping and operating various detectors and measuring appliances;
3. Capable of thinking independently and have a strong sense of responsibility and team spirit;
4. Relatively good communication and coordination ability and the ability in analyzing and solving problems.

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