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  • Product Name: High Glossy Aluminum Composite Panel
  • Product Name: High Glossy Aluminum Composite Panel
  • Surface coating: spectra coating
  • Aluminum Alloy: AA1100series,AA3003series
  • Aluminum Skin: 0.3mm,0.40mm,0.45mm,0.50mm
  • Panel Thickness: 4mm,5mm,6mm
  • Panel Width: 1220mm,1250mm,1500mm
  • Panel Lengdth: up to 6000mm,special size on request
  • Back coating: primer coating
  • Brand: ALUSHINE
  • Place of Origin: Shandong Linyi


Spectra aluminum composite panel is inspired by themes from nature such as iridescent colors.The surface is coated with a special high gloss painting.Bring us a smooth and colorful feeling.Interaction between light and material,reflection,diffraction and absorption is the secret of color effects in nature.
Spectra aluminum composite panel shows fantasy decorative effects,especially used in public places for interior and exterior,commercial chains,car 4s shops...

Widely used for public interior and exterior,multiple shops,exhibition...

In accordance with optical elements,the Spectra aluminum composite panel use the light's reflection,diffraction,refraction and absorption.These color effects have fascinated motivated,triggered emotions and had an effect on man's feeling since time immemorial.
Coating Performance
Outdoor aluminum composite panels are coated with PVDF on the surface(pearlescent mica PVDF>70%).The color has two main systems,metal color and no-metal color.As for indoor aluminum composite panels,the PE coating is up to the usage requirement.
Sensory Theme
Depending on the type of pigment and viewpoint,different,color enchanting effects with highlights and color iridescent gradients appear.
Design exertion
The special aluminum composite panel has a series of glosses and sharps to meet the designer's needs of originality of design,and achieves perfect results.

Base material:high strength aluminum alloy sheet
PE core material:non-toxic low density polyethylene
Surface coating:spectra coating
Back coating:primer coating

Color Card