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  • Product Name: NANO-PVDF Aluminum Composite Panel

Nano-PVDF Aluminium Composite Panel

Nano-PVDF aluminum composite panel is a dirt repelling and self-cleaning panel which consists of a polyethylene core sandwiched between two aluminum skins. It has a hydrophobic and lipophobic surface, Which makes it more repellant to water and dirt. The finished product stays clean for longer, can easily be cleaned with pure water.Inquiry Form

Nano-PVDF aluminum composite panel has self-cleaning characteristics. It is the ideal choice for wall decoration and protection of office buildings, shopping centers, industrial buildings, airports, hotels, bus centers, hospitals, schools, supermarkets and residential buildings.

Nano-Pvdf Acp For Exterior Wall Cladding Specification

Aluminum alloy

AA1100 series, AA3003 series

Aluminum skin

0.30mm, 0.40mm, 0.45mm, 0.50mm

Panel thickness

4mm, 5mm, 6mm

Panel width

1220mm, 1250mm, 1500mm

Panel length

2440mm up to 6000mm

Middle core

non-toxic low density polyethylene

Surface coating



30 basic colors (accept customize color

Excellent easy-cleaning
Oil resistance
Excellent surface flatness and smoothness
Save more manual costs in maintenance when compared to traditional PVDF aluminum composite panels.

Property comparison between Nano-PVDF coating and PVDF coating.

Coating Type

NANO Coating

PVDF Coating

Paint thickness

35 micron

25-28 micron

Paint Particle



Pollution Resistance Dust hardly sticks on the panel

Dust sticks easily


Dust goes away with bead


Friction Resistance

Over 10,000 times

Several thousand times

Acid Resistance

5% HCL,240 hrs

24 hrs

Alkali Resistance

5% NaOH,240 hrs

24 hrs

Oil Resistance

20# machine oil, 240 hrs

24 hrs


both paints have prominent features of weather proofing and color retention

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